Core refunds are available for qualifying remaunfactured parts only. This only includes hydromax brakeboosters andhydromax master cylinders. There is no core refunds for new master cylinders.

A Core is your old part that we must have in exchange when you buy certain new or rebuilt parts. Thecores we receive must be rebuildable to our standards to be eligible for a core deposit refund.Unacceptable core returns include and are not limited to; broken or cracked castings, bleeder screwsbroken in casting, stripped threads, un-drained cylinders, and units that have already been sleeved. Ifyour core is non-rebuildable or incomplete you will be notified that NO core deposit will be refunded.Unacceptable cores will be scrapped after 30 days unless arrangements are made for return shipping.Hydraulic fluids are considered hazardous by many shipping companies and need to be completelydrained from your core return. Leakage of hazardous substances could result in fines, penalties, andother claims levied against the shipper by the carrier. Brake fluid will also erase all text that it makescontact with on your return form resulting in delays or LOSS of your core refund. Environmentalhazard fees may apply on cores received un-drained. PROTECT YOUR CORE REFUND, PREPAREAND PACKAGE YOUR RETURN PROPERLY! Cores must be returned to us within 45 days,shipping prepaid. Cores shipped C.O.D. will not be accepted. No credit will be issued for nonrebuildableor incomplete cores. Cores returned after the 45 days require prior authorization.Cores returned from purchases will be paid back by refund to credit card or PayPal account.Core credit for boosters purchased is $65 per unit.Booster cores must have one of the following numbers stamped on the unit 2772114, 2771424,2771819. Core credit for 2771293 and 2771371 is $75

We do not provide a label for cores. The customer is responsible for shipping charges.

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