In September of 1985, Industrial Brake & Clutch was formed with the intention of providing relined brake shoes and rebuilt clutches to various accounts located within the general area of San Antonio, Texas. Due to growth in this area, a need was developed to provide local accounts with this type of service. The company was started by Johnny Duffek, Jr., and his partner, Johnny Schultz, a friend and former co-worker at Service Parts, a company located in San Antonio, and that was also providing this type of service. Both of these co-owners had been trained by this company and had left to start their own company as there was an excess of business available within this area. After being in business for approx. 3 years, Johnny Duffek bought out his partner and became the sole owner of the company. In the early 90’s, the company became incorporated after successful growth since opening up and the need to protect it’s shareholders from any future liabilities that may occur. The company has since prospered and continued to grow over the years being in business for over 35 years now. The company is currently owned by Johnny Duffek’s son, Scott Duffek, who has over 25 years of experience.

The company’s main focus in the beginning was to operate as a machine shop and parts rebuilding company. After about 10 years in operation, the need shifted to the mechanical repair of automobiles and trucks, especially in the commercial industry, providing such services to many fleet accounts. With the rise of the e commerce industry, we starting offering hard to find brake and clutch products online.

Industrial Brake Is located within the city limits of Kirby, Texas, a small suburban city surrounded by it’s neighbor, San Antonio. Most of the employees reside within this general area and the company does support this small community by employing the people there and providing a stable profession and a much needed service within this community, as Industrial Brake (now known as Automotive Brake & Clutch) works on vehicles for residents within the community as well. The company employs approx. 13 employees at any given time. The company has also provide support for various organizations located within the city and surrounding area.