Types of Inspections

Truck DOT Inspections
Trailer State and DOT Inspections
Vehicle State Inspections
Bus Inspections
Federal FMCSA Annual Vehicle Inspection

What is needed for an inspection?

All that is needed is the vehicle and a current copy of your insurance card. Cards on phone are acceptable.

What is involved in a safety inspection?

The safety inspection critieria set by the State of Texas is designed to make sure that your vehicle is operating safely and includes checks of your vehicle’s:

Exhaust system
Headlights, stop and warning lights, and turn signals
Foot and parking brakes
Wheel assembly and tires for damage/minimum tread depth
Steering mechanism
Rear-view mirrors
Window tinting or coating
Windshield wipers
Seat belts
Gas caps


Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle State Inspection

Cars, Light Duty Trucks, Trailers, & Motorcycles - $7

DOT Inspection

Commercial Trucks & Trailers - $40

FMCSA Inspection

Federal Annual Vehicle Inspection Report - $60

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