Schedule An Appoitment If Your Truck Has

Insufficient Brakes
Brakes Apply Too Slowly
Brakes Release Too Slowly
Brakes Do Not Apply
Brakes Do Not Release
Brakes Grab or Erratic Brake
Uneven Brakes
Air Pressure Will Not Rise To Normal
Air Pressure Rise To Normal Too Slowly
Air Pressure Rises Above Normal
Air Pressure Drops Quickly With Engine Stopped and Brakes Released
Air Pressure Drops Quickly With
Engine Stopped and Brakes Fully Applied
Compressor Knocks Continuously or Intermittently
Safety Valve “Blows Off”
Excessive Oil or Water in the Brake System
Lining Thickness Is 1/4″ Or Below The Wear Indicator On The Linings. (3/16″ For Steer Axle With Continuous Pad)
Leaking Wheel Seal
Audible Air Leak

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